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Merske enote    mm    inch
× ×  cm

Material Volume: cm3
Box Volume: cm3
Surface Area: cm2
Model Weight: g
Model Dimensions: x x cm
Production Time:

Calculated Price: /

  • PLA (biodegradable)
  • PLA+ (biodegradable-improved strength)
  • WOOD - with 40% of actual wood
  • PETG - strong and UV resistant
  • TPU (flexible)
  • RESIN (DLP printer)
Detail Level
  • Highest Detail (nozzle width: 0.2mm, layer height: 0.05mm)
  • High Detail (nozzle width: 0.3mm, layer height: 0.10mm)
  • Normal Detail (nozzle width: 0.4mm, layer height: 0.15mm)
  • Basic Detail (nozzle width: 0.4mm, layer height: 0.20mm)
  • Low Detail (nozzle width: 0.5mm, layer height: 0.25mm)
  • Coarse Detail (nozzle width: 0.6mm, layer height: 0.30mm)
Set infill percentage for your print
  • A - VERY LIGHT INFILL (light parts, bigger parts) 5-10% infill
  • B - LIGHT INFILL (figurines) 10-20% infill
  • C - NORMAL INFILL (most commonly used) 20-40% infill
  • D - DENSE INFILL (stronger parts) 40-60% infill
  • E - VERY DENSE INFILL (very strong, mechanical parts) 60-80% infill
  • F - RIGID BODY (very strong, mechanical parts) 80-100% infill
Pick infill variant for your resin print
  • 100% Infill (fully filled)
  • Custom Shell Width (1mm - 10mm)